Monthly Archives: February 2015

Time for a better bus station

Commenting in this weeks Surrey Mirror on Redhill’s new two-way system. Why are there are still parked buses in Marketfield Way which block the view of oncoming cars as drivers exit the car park?

Borough councillor Jonathan Essex said: “At the bus station we have now, there isn’t enough space for buses to lay up. Therefore there can be up to five buses here. The bus station isn’t fit for purpose. It’s the biggest unfinished part of the sustainable transport scheme. If you could fit more buses in the bus station, you won’t need buses parked all along the road.”

A New Two-Way System Around Redhill

Touring the two-way system with Jill Harvey of the Pedestrian ForumI went around Redhill’s new two-way system with the Pedestrian Forum yesterday to check what issues still need to be finished off to ensure that the new traffic layout is safe for all.

Reporting on BBC Surrey News breakfast time I commented that:

“Surrey County Council promises that the new two-way system will be better for pedestrians, cyclists, and reduce congestion around the town. Generally I think this is a good move. But we need to make sure it doesn’t benefit us in the short term and then we find that the congestion just returns as we have more and more traffic in the future.

“We need to make sure all the cycle routes are joined up. That the buses have sufficient space to park in the bus station.

“At the moment the plans are to continue to park the buses along Marketfield Way. Which makes congestion worse. We could follow Sussex’s example and fit more buses into the bus station by allowing them to drive in and reverse out. If we want more people travelling then we need to make the ‘temporary’ bus station that was put in a few years ago better too. Let’s have a new way forward for public transport to make best use of the two-way system which has just been introduced.”

Campaign to save Park Hall care home

Save our Care Homes march in ReigateThis morning I joined a march from Park Hall Care Home in Reigate – with those with family at the care home and others challenging the plans to shut the County Council’s last six residential care homes. Lots of beeps from passing cars in support as well as discussions on Reigate High Street.

The current set-up works well – combining day care, respite and residential care. Transferring these residents is not just a risk for them but will be a loss in accountability – as outsourced contracts are forced to choose between lower wages or less care to save money.